LEGO Fusion Now Brick Building With Tablet Games

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LEGO Fusion

Now Lego is coming together the both digital and analog play, each LEGO Fusion set consists of both a set of bricks and a downloadable tablet game. It’s intended to drive children back and forth between building bricks and the tablet game, with the game giving them objectives to build using the physical set that, once finished, they will then shoot with the tablet’s camera for integration into the game’s virtual 3D world.

They had to do something for the newer generation of kids who loves to stare at the screens, Now they can stare at the screen and do some manual labor at the same time. Good thinking Lego!

LEGO Fusion

There are currently four LEGO Fusion sets, each of which consists of 200 bricks, along with a Fusion Capture plate on which to build the actual creations (it comes with electronics inside that communicate with the apps).  Town Master, a city-building game with the goal of keeping townspeople happy, has you constructing multiple structures for the city using the physical LEGO bricks.  Resort Designer, which is aimed at girls, works in a similar way (instead of a whole city, though, you concentrate on a resort), except you also build interiors for the structures you create.

Battle Towers is a tower defense game where you build castles and fighters to reinforce your stronghold.  The last game, Create & Race, has you building customized cars for time-based races and demolition derbies.

LEGO Fusion

Slated to come out in August, the LEGO Fusion sets will retail for $34.99 each.

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