LEGO MINECRAFT The Village 21128 Review

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LEGO MINECRAFT The Village 21128

Many people consider the LEGO Minecraft theme as the perfect product line that brings together the virtual and physical worlds of the building. Some LEGO builders, on the other hand, are left unimpressed at a theme that they consider a basic brick building that has only been glorified because of the Minecraft branding. No matter what you think of this theme, it is worth taking a closer look at the LEGO Minecraft 21128 The Village set, which is the largest LEGO Minecraft to date. In this article, we look at the features of the set to see whether it adapts the style of the game well or if it is too plain for the liking of avid Minecraft and LEGO fans.



Because this is the largest Minecraft set to date, the packaging is also large to match. The front of the box features the main build and shows the roster of mini figures included in the set. On the back, there is an image that shows an alternate configuration of the model. Within the box are eleven numbered bags and a twelfth bag that contains base plates of different sizes that are used to form the bases of the sub-assemblies. The two instruction manuals, which details the main build and the interconnected re-builds, come in a separate bag.


The set comes with 10 figures, including Steve and Alex, which are the same mini figures featured in other LEGO Minecraft sets. Alex is holding a Diamond Pickaxe, while Steve is wielding his trusty Stone Sword. Exclusive to this set are the Villagers: a farmer, and a librarian. Both of which have a print on the head that matches the in-game coloring quite well. Another exclusive figure is the Villager Zombie that has the new mold we first saw in 21123 The Iron Golem. The torso and legs of the Villager Zombie are no different from the zombie figures we have seen before, but the difference is in the well-defined eyes, texture, and nose. One Creeper, one Enderman, one Iron Golem, and one pig and baby pig are also included in this set.

LEGO MINECRAFT The Village 21128


Now that we have looked at the mini-figures and creatures of this set, it’s time to explore the sub-assemblies that allow you to customize the layout of your Minecraft Village.



According to the designers, this part has been included to depict the trading aspect of the Village. The Marketplace, which has a Wool-canopied roof and a few Emerald for trading, is positioned in a small area of Jungle. It has a  fold-up roof that makes it easier for you to see the interior, a Vine, a Jungle tree, and a Fern.


If you want an enjoyable build, then you will definitely find great fun with this part of the set. The build employs a neat, Technic mechanism that makes it possible for the roof of the structure and the whole front to hinge backward for better access to the interior. The Blacksmith is located on Light Stone Grey and Bright Green plates that represent Gravel and Grass Roads.


This structure is relatively simple but is still able to represent the Wood and Cobblestone materials we are familiar with in Minecraft. It is built using Medium Nougat elements and Dark Stone Grey bricks. The structure opens in half to reveal the interior with a table, wood benches, and crafting table. You will also find detachable assemblies that hang from the ceiling and represent bookshelves, as well as a Spider’s Web in the roof space.



The thing we love most about this set is that it allows you to be creative and explore beyond a plain setting that is marked with mostly green-colored bricks. The individual structures are enjoyable, and the inclusion of exclusive Villager mini-figures are great, but we feel like there could have been more. With that being said, the set may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly worth buying if you are in the market to expand your LEGO Minecraft collection.

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