Lego’s Vintage Typewriter Is Gorgeous And A Masterpiece

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Lego’s Vintage Typewriter

If you look at it from a distance Lego Ideas set 21327, Typewriter, doesn’t look Legoish at all. With printed pieces for each of its 32 keys, a working typebar mechanism, and a new cloth Lego element which replicates a typewriter ribbon, it looks every bit the vintage writing tool it’s meant to look like.

Originally conceived by Lego Masters UK champion Steve Guinness as a Lego Ideas project in 2018, the official Lego Typewriter set differs from his concept in that rather than using bricks to emulate paper, you can feed real sheets of bleached, pressed wood into the brick-built machine. The set is expected to pay homage to the modern typewriters of the past, including the one used by Lego Group founder Ole Kirk Christiansen. Between that soft green color and its unique form, it’s immediately recognizable as what it’s supposed to be.

Again, aside from the studs on the ribbon holder and a few along with the frame it almost looks like Legos at all. This is the “computer” my journalist ancestors used to type up their primitive pseudo blogs before carefully sealing them in envelopes to mail to the ancient internet gods along with an appropriate sacrifice. It’s a celebration of putting words on paper for the world to see.

Press a key and the little typing bars rise. The carriage advances. The platen roller can be fed sheets of paper. I imagine if you swabbed the small Lego pieces with ink, it might even type some dots.

Lego’s Vintage Typewriter

It’s an amazing feat of Lego engineering which translates into a relatively pricey set. Lego Ideas set 21327 goes on sale July 1for $199.99. Value seems excellent. Buyers get 2,079 pieces that can be grouped into a nearly 5-inch-tall, 10-inch-wide typewriter. They also get a signed letter from Lego Group chairman Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, translated into 43 different languages. The said letter can be fed into the Lego typewriter for display, which is really cool, check out the image above.

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