Lenovo Pocket Projector

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Lenovo Pocket Projector

The new Lenovo pocket projector is capable of creating an image up to a size of 110 inches on any wall or flat surface in lowlight conditions. Providing users with a 50-lumen high contrast optical engine to create vivid bright and colorful imagery, says Lenovo.

Lenovo explains a little more about the pocket projector that offers up to 32GB of microSD card storage for presentations and media while supporting a wide range of common file formats.

“We built the brilliantly convenient Lenovo Pocket Projector to surprise and delight media lovers who are limited by their small screen mobile devices or who just want a larger-than-life entertainment experience. The Lenovo Pocket Projector adds a new dimension to watching and sharing content.
Simply snap on the projector to a compatible Android device1, and it immediately supersizes movies, photos, or even business presentations by projecting them up to 110-in on any wall or surface in low-light conditions and it automatically corrects for distortion while allowing users to rotate up to 90 degrees for the best views. This portable projector casts powerful sound, too, with its dual speakers.  
It takes just a few seconds to set up the Lenovo Pocket Projector, and it can project content from a smartphone wirelessly via DLNA or Miracast. When going cordless, users can project a full-length movie on a single charge, with more than two hours of battery life. Best of all, the compact and lightweight Lenovo Pocket Projector fits in nearly any pocket, making it a must-have accessory any time someone feels like enjoying their digital content.”

Lenovo pocket projector will be launching in May 2015 for $249, and measure just 4.1 x 3.9 x 1 inches, and weighs less than 6 ounces.



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