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In a world of so many insecurities, it is nice to have a little piece of something you can count on. Something you are sure will definitely not let you down. There are threats everywhere and when it comes to protecting your personal information, data or simply wanting to maintain a private profile away from everyone else. It is essential to have faith that the application or system you are using is full proof and this is precisely why Leo privacy guard exists. To give you that little sense of security whether it is your phone or tablet, this android application ensures your things are safe.

What is Leo Privacy Guard?

This application, which runs on android 4.0 upwards, is one amazing privacy tool that helps you stay well in charge of your device. Its small size of just about 3.5 MBs makes it easy and fast to download on almost any device with little internal memory just to ensure that no matter what device you may be having, you are still safe regardless. The app runs automatically once installed and it gives you a number of options to choose from in helping you take care of your mobile security, which could include your passwords to social media accounts, banks PayPal, photos, and many other useful features of this kind. The app is downloadable on Google play store and many other Android app stores. Apart from all, it helps you do; you get it free of charge.

What does Leo Privacy Guard do?


Just as the name suggests, it keeps snoopers away from things that are meant for your eyes only. That means all pictures, videos, texts, and call logs too. Not only that, it gives you privacy alerts and prompts to keep you updated on what needs your care.


This feature enables you to uninstall apps that use up too much of your RAM and gives you the power to back up and reinstall the more essential valuable apps. It also allows you to monitor and control your data plan and bundle usage with minimal effort.


The tool gives you remarkable app protection with just a single tap. It allows you to switch easily between several mode options. There are features designed to allow automatic locking and unlocking of apps in the settings as per your desired location or time.


Nobody likes a boring old screen, this tool enables you to maintain that retro feel and look on your screen giving you a range of stylish themes to choose from. The app is designed in a simple and easy to use interface making it handy for just anyone who owns an Android device.

LEO Privacy Guard V3.0 is by far the most trusted and downloaded privacy and protection app on all the Android markets online. You do not have to deal with annoying people snooping all up in your phone and it allows you to manage just the parts you as you like. With Leo, there are no more tense situations of worrying about the wrong eyes landing where they should not have.


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