Lesser-Known EA Sport Games You Should Try 

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EA Sport has become the go-to name for sports games. The developer seems to be behind just about every major title you can think of. John Madden, FIFA, NHL, NBA Live, the list goes on and on. But here’s the thing: Even for a business like EA, not every title can be an international phenomenon. Here, we’ve taken a look at what’s tucked away on the shelves and unearthed some EA Sports games that never received the attention they deserved. The great thing about games like these is you can often pick them up new or used for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Why not give them a go?

Cricket 07

Cricket has a steadily growing profile in the US. There’s significant investment being poured into creating a T20 League like the ones in the UK, India, Australia, and the rest of the cricketing world. At the same time, the increased availability of sports betting in many states means cricket betting apps have never been more popular. How strange, then, that the last cricket game from EA came out almost 13 years ago. 

At the time, EA Cricket was in direct competition with Brian Lara Test Cricket, and while there were pros and cons to both games, when you look back on it today, EA’s offering has definitely stood the test of time better. The original game was for Windows and PS2 – copies often come up on the usual online sites.

Grand Slam Tennis 2

Grand Slam Tennis 2

There are few games with the same blend of simplicity and intensity as tennis. This follows up to the 2009 Grand Slam game that came out in 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360. The game struggled to compete with Sega’s Virtua series, and rapidly disappeared into relative obscurity.

That’s a shame, as the game physics has just the right level of difficulty in that it takes time to master the game, but it is not so hard that you give up. Certain features like Grand Slam Classics mode are just not available in alternative games like the Sega offering. 

Rugby 08

Rugby 08

Like cricket, rugby is a sport with a growing following in the US, particularly at youth and high school levels. Also like cricket, it is one that EA Sport abandoned more than a decade ago. Rugby 08 is the fifth version of a game that was first released for Windows and PS2 in 2001, with the intervening updates coming out in 04, 05 and 06.

This one was released to coincide with the 2007 Rugby World Cup, but the changes in comparison to Rugby 06 are relatively minor. The game lets you play as various different rugby nations, from the big names like New Zealand or South Africa to rising stars like the US. There’s also a fabulous list of tournaments to choose from, including the Tri-Nations, the Guinness Premiership (as it was called at the time) and, of course, the ultimate prize of them all, the Rugby World Cup.

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