Let’s Take a Technology-Free Vacation

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We are social networking obsessed people now, We can’t put down our phones for 5 minutes straight. In these chaotic times and fast-paced life we all need to put our phone down, take a breathe and enjoy some nature and just calm down. A twitter-loving society with a penchant for email checking and Google searching. You can even find a cheap holiday cover from here.

According to a Mobile Mindset study, conducted by security app Lookout, 58 percent of U.S. smartphone owners check their phones at least once every hour — even while they sit on the toilet.

The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business has also found that social media possesses an addictive quality, which may be even stronger than the desire for cigarettes or alcohol.

These are all alarming facts and figures and I must add this is not a healthy lifestyle and we all will learn about all these phones and tablets side effects a generation later.

This hyper-connectivity may be getting to some of us. The non-profit Anxiety U.K. recently released a study suggesting that social media and internet usage does, in fact, stress us out. Anxiety U.K. reports that 60 percent of study respondents stated “they felt the need to switch off” their phones and computers to get a true break from technology.

So we’ve put together a traveler’s guide to remote vacation spots with unreliable cell phone service and internet access. So you can just relax there and not worry about what Kardashian said on Twitter or which video is been posted by Now This!

So here the list goes:

Travaasa Hana

Travaasa Hana

This Hawaiian hotel, formally known as the Hāna-Maui, has a reputation for being a simplistic bungalow getaway. The Travaasa Hana does not offer WiFi or television in individual suites. “The beauty of the hotel is that it has that old Polynesian feel, with no TVs or clocks in the room,” a representative told TechNewsDaily.

NY's Adirondack Mountains

NY’s Adirondack Mountains

No don’t head to New York City, It is a wired jungle, not a wireless free jungle. After pulling off a highway in the Adirondack Mountains, it’s probably you won’t have mobile phone reception again until you are on the way back. There are very fewer cell towers and sparse WiFi hubs, there’s hardly a temptation to check email since that task is quite impossible. So there you go your internet free retreat.

Amish Country

Visit Amish Country

What is better than going to Amish country for a wi-fi free vacation! You can go to Pennsylvania and Ohio’s Amish country which offer another opportunity to leave your gadgets behind and step into the past. You will see all the lifestyle of the beautiful past filled with buggies and horses. You can stay at guesthouses like Grandma’s Homestead Bed & Breakfast, where you won’t find the Internet, phone or television access. Mission Accomplished.
Yellowstone Park

Visit Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone National Park is home to geysers, rivers, bison and it is home to some of the best natural beauty in America. But good luck sending Instagram pictures of your cowboy experience. You can leave all your thoughts behind and simply slow your life down and stay at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch. But if you do want to check your emails they have some internet service in the lodge’s main lounge.

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