Lexus Unveiled a Real, Working Hoverboard

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Lexus Unveiled a Real, Working Hoverboard

Lexus posted a YouTube video of a working hoverboard. The video is short, and doesn’t show the user actually riding it, but we do see the hoverboard, called SLIDE, hovering above the ground just before a skateboarder ditches his traditional board and hops on.

Promotional site for the hoverboard, the car company writes, “Lexus has created a real, rideable overboard.”

That’s pretty much where the details end on the part of Lexus, other than the company’s effort to note Haruhiko Tanahashi as the Lexus chief engineer associated with the project.

Lexus Unveiled a Real, Working Hoverboard

The Lexus hoverboard at first appears to be the magnetic kind that requires a metal riding surface. However, the hoverboard appears to be floating in an outside skate park — a space that usually has concrete flooring (it’s difficult to tell what the surface is made of in this case).

The video doesn’t show anyone actually riding the hoverboard, so this could all just be a promotional stunt designed to get eyeballs on Lexus. The video is worth watching.


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