LG G3: its camera will feature a laser autofocus system. Like HTC’s second camera sensor on the One, this laser will detect the depth of the subject you want to photograph and help minimize the time it takes to go from tapping the digital shutter to capturing the photo. Its advantage over optical systems is greater precision and speed, the same reasons why it’s used in desktop mice.


Fast and reliable autofocus is a signature part of the iPhone’s universal appeal as a cameraphone. Few recent competitors have managed to match it, let alone beat it, but LG might just have a chance now that lasers are involved. Combined with the Korean company’s optical image stabilization, the new AF system should make the G3 a very competent device for photographing moving subjects.

The rear camera on the G3 will have a 13-megapixel sensor while the front-facing camera will provide 2.1-megapixel images. Embracing the trend for selfies, LG is also going to introduce new gesture recognition that will have the G3 take a selfie when you clench your fist in front of it.