LG G5 Got an Always-On Screen Feature

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It looks like always-on screens are going to be huge at MWC this year, After news broke about an always-on mode for Samsung’s Galaxy S7 yesterday, now LG’s getting in on the act too.

A new leak discovered by Android Authority suggests the G5 will have its own always-on screen, putting the time, date and notification icons front and centre – even when the main screen is switched off.

That could mean colours and customisation, but there’s no clue what will happen to battery life.

Based on the leaked images, the G5 will have a bigger second screen than the V10’s small strip, so there’s more room for notifications, but the icons could be hinting that you won’t be able to read messages without turning on the phone properly.

The silhuette doesn’t make it clear if the second screen is on the front or the back of the phone, either. If it’s on the front, it will be invisible when the main screen is switched on, but if it’s on the back it will have to sit below the rear power button and rumoured fingerprint sensor.

The leaked images show the 21st of February at 2PM – the time LG’s MWC press conference is due to kick off.


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