LG Unveils Star Wars-Themed OLED TV

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LG Star Wars-Themed OLED TV

LG and Lucasfilm have just revealed a limited edition Star Wars OLED TV.

Built around a completely featured LG OLED65C2 – one of the brand’s very new mid-range 65-inch OLED models, complete with a new high-brightness ‘Evo’ panel – the Star Wars TV will carry a number of unique features to forge its connection with the Star Wars universe.

This is one TV box you certainly won’t want to throw away after you’ve taken the TV out of it, as it’s decorated with the Star Wars logo and a high-quality image of Darth Vader wielding a lightsaber.

The TV’s chassis comes with a Star Wars redesign, too, with the Galactic Empire emblem etched into its back panel. Then there’s the ‘Magic’ remote control, which as well as featuring a Star Wars logo also turns into a dark side lightsaber thanks to some fine red LED lighting down its side.

The onscreen cursor LG’s webOS operating system uses when you’re using the brand’s point and click menu navigation system has been turned into a light-saber graphic, while the TVs’ built-in galleries of digital artworks (which you can use as ‘screensavers’) will include two exclusive collections of Star Wars image galleries. The Conceptual Designs will feature a selection of Star Wars artworks and original storyboards, while The Journey Of Darth Vader will include things like movie posters and frames from key Darth Vader scenes.

If your Vader fanboy simply has to have an LG Star Wars OLED TV, you need to know that only 501 are going to be made. Exact details of pricing and availability of this seriously limited edition run have yet to be confirmed, but we do know the sets will be exclusively available in the US, via LG’s US website. LG has set up this dedicated page already where you can register your interest in getting more details about the tv.

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