LG’s New 55 Inch OLED TV Panel, You Can Just Stick It On The Wall With Magnets

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LG’s New 55 Inch OLED TV Panel

TVs have been getting thinner and thinner over the last few years and now LG has unveiled a new 55 inch OLED TV panel that is just 0.97mm thick.

LG’s new 55 inch wallpaper OLED TV weighs in at 1.9kg and it is the thinnest TV panel to date measuring 0.97mm thick.

This is considerably thinner than LG’s current 55 inch OLED TV which measures 4.3 mm thick, this new panel can be attached to the wall with magnets.

At the moment this new ultra thin TV panel is in development, so it is not an actual TV you back buy as yet, although we suspect LG will be working to turn this new OLED TV panel into the worlds thinnest TV.

It will be insanely expensive that is for sure, So get your piggy banks out.


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