LG’s New Levitating Speaker With 10 Hours of Play Time

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LG's New Levitating Speaker

LG is the latest manufacturer to join the levitating speaker game, showing off a new Bluetooth device ahead of CES next month

LG’s latest looks more like the kind of device you might find in a hospital, with a functional off-white color scheme, a reassuringly chunky base unit, and a series of control options on the speaker itself. Its levitation is achieved through the use of electromagnets, rather than witchcraft, powerful units that support an omnidirectional speaker that LG says features Dual Passive Radiator technology for “flush mid-range tones and crisp highs.”

Bass is, fittingly, handled by the base unit, which works as a subwoofer. It also doubles up as a charger: once the hovering speaker has used up its 10 hours of battery life, it descends slowly onto the base for charging, settling back to terra firma like a little lunar lander. The speaker can continue to play audio while it’s charging, but be aware that it will look slightly less cool.

LG hasn’t given pricing or release information for the Levitating Portable Speaker yet.


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