LIFE BY YOU Open Life Sim Game Release Date Revealed

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If you enjoy playing simulation games like The Sims, you might be excited to learn about Paradox Interactive’s newest open life simulator game, Life by You. This game allows players to create and live out the lives of their own customized human characters in a fully customizable open world without any loading screens.

Life by You is set to launch via Steam Early Access on September 12, 2023 and will be available for purchase at a price of £35, $40, or €40 depending on your location. The game offers a unique and immersive experience that allows players to design their own households, build homes, and explore life’s many stories.

One of the standout features of Life by You is the real language conversation system, which allows players to connect with their created humans on an emotional level. In addition, the game offers the option to switch between third-person and direct-control gameplay, giving players even more control over their experience.

Players will also have access to a wide variety of Creator Tools and Editors, allowing them to customize every aspect of their gameplay. From physical appearance and personality traits to life events and relationships, players have the ability to fully immerse themselves in their created world and live life to the fullest – or break the rules, if they choose.

With its open world design, customizable gameplay, and unique features, Life by You promises to offer an immersive and engaging simulation experience that fans of life simulator games are sure to enjoy. So mark your calendars for September 12th and get ready to start living the life of your dreams in Life by You!

Open life simulator features :

  • Play in an open world: Live life with no loading screens. Strike up real-language conversations. Drive or bike to the countryside. Discover and complete quests to unlock new experiences.
  • Expand your creativity: Make your own in-game content through mods. Utilize a variety of deep Creator Tools. Change the gameplay anytime. Life is yours to make.
  • Take direct control: Drag and drop your humans into their place – or drive them directly in third-person mode. Live the life of one or tell the stories of many. Climb a career ladder. Fall in love. Raise a family.
  • Tell stories through conversations: Every real-language conversation is generated based on your human’s unique situation. You can even craft your own conversations in-game.
  • Design your own world: Build your humans’ dream homes or businesses from scratch. Furnish them from top to bottom, inside to outside. Drag, demolish, and rearrange entire towns.
  • Create fully customized humans: Design your families in the Human Creator, including deep personality and character traits. Style and restyle your humans at any time.

“Paradox Tectonic’s vision for this game fits naturally with our wider philosophy of ‘we create the games, you create the stories’ and we’re eager to see what types of stories players create in this new sandbox,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. “We’ve taken our community to space, back in time, and around the world. Life by You brings us closer to our own lives, or allows us to explore different fantasy realities. We’re thrilled to be entering the life sim genre.”

Source: Paradox Interactive

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