Lightyear One is All Covered Solar-Powered Car With a 450 Mile Range

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Lightyear One

The Lightyear One EV has revealed, and it is a fully electric car which has solar panels all over its roof. The odd design is a purposeful design to make the car as aerodynamic as much as possible and adds to the rides claimed 450-mile driving range per charge.

The most exciting thing about the Lightyear One is that the car has solar panels on the roof that collect electricity as it drives. Lightyear says that the solar panels can collect enough electricity for 25km of driving every day.

The roof panels are designed so that they can function even if part of the panels are in shade. The car has four in-wheel motors, and they are trained at pure efficiency, not performance. Pricing for the Lightyear One starts at €149,000 or about $170,000.


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