Limited Edition Super Mario Bros. Oreos Feature Mario’s Face on Each Cookie

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Limited Edition Super Mario Bros. Oreos

Mario, the iconic video game character, is now venturing into the realm of snacks, following in the footsteps of Pokémon. Nintendo, in collaboration with Mondelez International, a renowned snack company, has unveiled a delightful treat for Super Mario Bros. fans: official Super Mario Bros. Oreos.

Scheduled to launch in North America on the 10th of July, these limited edition packs of cookies (or biscuits, depending on your regional terminology) will captivate fans with their whimsical designs. Each pack can contain up to 16 different kinds of designs, featuring beloved characters such as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and Bowser. Additionally, fans can discover designs showcasing iconic elements from the Mario universe, including the Super Star, Bloopers, Spiny, and, of course, the power mushroom.

To add to the excitement, Nintendo released a charming trailer that showcases the cookies tumbling through a Mario-themed level, playfully colliding with glasses of milk. The trailer not only brings a sense of nostalgia but also pays homage to the iconic World 1-1 theme from the original Super Mario Bros.

One may notice the absence of Princess Peach among the cookie designs, but fear not, for her fate lies within the hands of the fans. To save Princess Peach, one must embark on a delightful scavenger hunt to find all 16 different designs. The mystery of what this accomplishment entails is yet to be revealed, but the prospect of unlocking the full set of designs is undoubtedly enticing. It may even lead fans to purchase numerous packs of Oreos in their quest for completion.

Nintendo’s collaboration with Mondelez International to create Super Mario Bros. Oreos is a logical and exciting move. The recent success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, coupled with the announcement of a new 2D Mario game called Super Mario Bros. Wonder, has undoubtedly propelled Mario’s popularity to new heights. The beloved plumber is currently basking in unparalleled fame and recognition.

While the initial announcement mentions availability in North America, fans worldwide eagerly await news of the cookies’ international release. It’s a minor disappointment for those outside North America, but they can still find solace in visiting the official Oreo website for more information about this delightful collaboration. With any luck, the Super Mario Bros. Oreos will soon grace store shelves worldwide, allowing fans from all corners of the globe to savor these delectable treats and embark on their own sweet Mario-inspired adventures.

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