Lionel Messi Gifted His Teammates To 35 24-Carat Gold iPhone 14 Pros

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24-Carat Gold iPhone 14 Pro

In 2022, Lionel Messi, a renowned football icon, led his Argentinian team to victory in the FIFA World Cup held in Qatar. The victory was not just a personal triumph for Messi, but a result of the collective efforts of his team members. As a way of recognizing and appreciating the contributions of his fellow players, Messi decided to gift each of them a 24-carat gold plated iPhone 14 Pro.

The gesture was not only grand, but also well thought out. According to The Sun, Messi contacted Ben Lyons, the CEO of iDesign Gold, a few months after winning the World Cup, to create custom gold-plated iPhone 14 Pro models for each of his teammates. The phones were designed with the player’s name and the Argentinian logo engraved on them, making them a unique and personalized gift.

Messi’s decision to gift his teammates with iPhones was a departure from the norm of gifting expensive watches or other luxurious items. He wanted to give his players something that would remind them of their triumph in the World Cup and the teamwork that led to it. In total, Messi spent approximately $200,000 on the 35 gold-plated iPhones, a figure that is likely insignificant given his status as the highest-paid athlete in the world in 2022, having earned a reported $130 million.

The gift not only shows Messi’s generosity, but also his appreciation for his teammates and their contribution to the team’s success. It is a reminder that success is not just about individual achievements, but also about the collective efforts of a team. The fact that Messi took the time to create custom designs for each of his teammates shows the level of thought and care he put into the gesture.

Argentina’s victory in the 2022 World Cup was the nation’s third, with the previous one having taken place in 1986. Messi’s gesture has now become a memorable part of the team’s victory, and a testament to the power of teamwork and appreciation. Fans of the team can check out the individual models created by iDesign Gold on Instagram, where they can see the unique designs and engravings created for each player.

In conclusion, Messi’s gift to his teammates is not just about the iPhones, but about the recognition and appreciation of the collective effort that led to the team’s success. It is a reminder that success is not just about individual achievements, but also about the contributions of every member of a team.

News Source: The Sun

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