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Once just playing a game suspended me from the school for 5 days. Yes, it did. That game was blocked by my school but I used a proxy and unblock the game and then out of the blue I get caught.

And from that day onwards I realized the importance of unblocked games and instead of breaking rules I continued playing in my downtime and free periods.

There are a huge number of free flash games available in the market which are unblocked by your school or office but not all of them will cheer you up. We gamers always have to be selective.

Also, gaming has its own benefits. It improves the visual sensitivity, slower the aging process and also increases multi-tasking ability. Activity game, strategy-based game or the puzzle ones each has its own benefits.

Below is the list of top 5 websites from where you can access free unblocked games and choose according to your interest.


1. Cool math-games

This site is the combination of math + coolness. The owner of the site is actually a math teacher who wanted to make doing math fun for those who totally hates it.

I am personally a hater of math but it is on the top of my list so you can imagine why. The website is full of mental work-out but you can hardly realize.


2. Hoodamath

Again a math-based game website Hoodamath has a variety of games that you can choose from also you can select the grade level.

There is a teacher log in option as many teachers access this website to teach math in the class.

The site is very informative as well as a perfect gaming point.


3. Bored button

a fun filed website where they continuously tell you to click the red button if you are bored. Each time you click the button a card trick appears which will blow your mind.

A simple strategy based games yet lots of elements of surprise makes this site the top 3 unblocked games gaming website.


4. Cubefield-unblocked

In Cubefield unblocked you have to control a small triangle geometric figure that will move through a field, filled with a huge number of cubes.

Your task will be to survive, as further, you proceed you will have to face more obstacles. This game is a great time-passer and engaging. With the increasing time, you will get more addictive to it.


5. Unblocked gaming

This website has a huge collection of all category games including unblocked games. With the variety, they have you will be dwindling between setting one as your preference.

Zombie Escape games are really interesting if you want to play something new.

Though the list is my top 5 unblocked games I am certain that you will find them really compelling as their ranking is really high. Millions of users engage on those sites every day.


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