Live As A Vampire In Upcoming Game V RISING

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This is a new vampire-based game that is giving players an action-filled survival experience is Stunlock Studios with their upcoming game V Rising. This game is built to be played as a single-player experience while giving the opportunity to play online with, or against, another player.

After awakening as a vampire, you must hunt for blood in nearby territories to recover your strength and avoid the scorching sun to survive. Rebuild your castle and transform humans into your loyal servants in a quest to increase your vampire empire. Make allies online, protect from holy soldiers, and wage war against other players in a world of battle.

V Rising is getting together a mixture of gameplay elements and is sure to provide a unique experience as a vampire. Building your own castle, converting humans into vampire servants, and an online aspect to interact with players, all while battling for survival and concealing from the sun. There is no release date yet, but it is set up to be released on PC via Steam.

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