Live The Dream: Buy Bitcoin and Play Overwatch From the Comfort of Your Home

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Gamers all around the world love to binge on Overwatch. The game provides a fascinating landscape for players of all backgrounds and playstyles and has been making serious waves in the world of eSports since its arrival on the scene back in 2016. With the introduction of the Overwatch League (OWL) in recent years, the Overwatch community has grown exponentially, and it’s easy to see why with such a fun and well-rounded playing field.

For many Overwatch players, living the dream means enjoying an afternoon of action while lounging on the couch in your most comfortable womens underwear, whether that’s a thong, bikini cut, or briefs. Coupled with a strong cryptocurrency strategy, building the perfect dream life is actually attainable for many eSports enthusiasts.



Many who are new to the world of eSports and digital currency assets might ask “what is Overwatch?” In short, Blizzard’s cutting-edge digital world that is Overwatch exists within a novel realm of gameplay that offers a bit of everything to the casual or hardcore player alike. Overwatch extends beyond the typical multiplayer online battle arena game (or MOBA, as they’re often known). Overwatch offers unique game modes and a variety of different characters in-game that make each encounter with the opposing team unique and enjoyable in a raft of ways.

Overwatch includes character attributes that fit within three roles and in the current iteration of the gameplay, and teams must split their players evenly between the three camps. This is to say that two players of the six on an Overwatch team must take on the roles of Tank, Damage, and Support, respectively. Overwatch is a fascinating game space where ten million users engage with one another on a monthly basis. It’s a fantastic place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.



For Overwatch players who are looking to chase after their dreams of becoming a legend in the Overwatch League and in eSports more broadly, mining and trading can offer a great way to create more free time to hone your skills in the Overwatch arena.

One way to get started in this space is to buy Bitcoin on Cash App. Purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) is a great way to start your journey in the cryptocurrency trading space, and Cash App makes it easy to buy BTC on the go. Digital assets offer a non-stop marketplace for traders who want to deal in more than just stocks, bonds, and bullion. With coins and tokens in this space, trading and growing your portfolio can be an interactive journey that switches on whenever you’re ready to hit the marketplace. Buying Bitcoin to get started can feel like jumping through hoops, which is why many turn to popular apps like Cash App or Venmo for this purpose.

If you’re approaching the market without a robust set of tools, buying into the commodity and getting started in trading can take days to set up, and even longer learn the ropes. With the Cash App, BTC purchases are made simple. Utilize this powerful tool and you’ll get your start in the market with ease.

Another great source of digital currency-forward power is in the mining operations that many gamers engage in during their downtime. Building a mining rig is a lot like creating the perfect gaming PC. Each setup needs strong computing power and a graphics card (or multiple GPUs) that can handle an increased computational load. Graphics cards, or GPUs, are the backbone of crypto mining, and it’s no wonder then why gamers are some of the most enthusiastic cryptocurrency miners, traders, and activists around.

Making Connections and Investing

With a high-quality gaming and mining rig, those who love to connect with teammates and friends online can share in the digital revolution more directly while earning cash to fund their continued sources of great enjoyment. Cryptocurrency trading is a lucrative side hustle for many in the United States and beyond. Almost 50 million Americans now own Bitcoin, and that is only going to keep growing now that it’s available to Cash App users.

For the more hardcore cryptocurrency traders, the violent price movements that often accompany markets in this space can be a source of unique financial gain. Trading with strong fundamentals can unlock unique pattern recognition within the digital asset world, giving you insight into some of the fastest-growing assets on the entire spectrum of financial products.

No matter how you spend your days, for those looking to rake in additional profits and spend their weekends (or potentially even afternoons in the future) playing Overwatch and many other great titles in their boyshorts, bralettes, and briefs and firmly rooted in the comfort of their own home, crypto and gaming must go hand in hand.

Gamers are uniquely suited to the cryptocurrency marketplace and mining requirements for the validation of global transactions. Earning coins off the computational workload and trading to create massive profits is the stuff of dreams for many of us. For those with a passion for the digital arts, this can become a reality faster than you might have ever imagined possible.

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