Live The Horror Japanese Folklore In AKAI NOROI

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A new game is coming out soon and it is based on Asian and Japanese folklore while giving players their own mission to experience through a unique story. Created by Aza Game Studio, a one-man development team, we have their next game Akai Noroi. This isn’t the first game from this studio, but on July 24th it will be the first time they are going to release on Steam and they hope to bring it on the consoles as well.

This journey will have players exploring the halls of the deserted sleeping quarters as they experience the prior resident’s pasts. All-the-while they will need to study the Yurei curse and find the truth to know what happened to all of the inhabitants and why they vanished. But you won’t be alone in this deserted place… are you going to be able to endure the investigation?

It will be out soon so we can try out this new Japanese folklore-based experience! To get a taste of the environment and what to expect from the new game, check out the launch trailer below:

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