Live The Oceans Like Never Before in BEYOND BLUE

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There are many games out there that put action and adventure into their games, but then there are some amazing relaxing games that give players the possibility to just love the surroundings and environment. The concept of searching for an environment that is somewhat difficult, dangerous, or otherwise complicated to get to can be packed with something cool and new. It is based on the expansive ocean and the amazing life that lives within it, E-Line Media has developed Beyond Blue.

While this game was originally released on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One back in 2020, they have now officially brought this adventure and exploration game to the Nintendo Switch. This enables more players to like this game and all of what it has to offer. Go through the 8 unique dives, go through the 16 mini-documentaries called Ocean Insights to know more about sea life, and love the overall relaxing experience as you take photos and explore under water.

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