Local Motors Olli Autonomous Shuttle

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Local Motors Olli Autonomous Shuttle

Local Motors has a new autonomous bus called Olli that is all-electric and designed to shuttle people around at airports and the like. The cool thing about this shuttle bus isn’t just that it is autonomous; it’s that the brains of the autonomous vehicle is the IBM Watson supercomputer. Watson gives the autonomous vehicle the ability to understand spoken instructions.

This means a passenger can climb on and say, “Take me downtown” and Olli will start rolling that way. Local Motors says that Olli has been authorized to begin testing on public roads in the DC area. The program will be rolled out to more states in the future with Miami and Las Vegas coming later in the year.

Olli can haul up to 12 people and has over 30 sensors around the vehicle to recognize and adjust to passenger needs. Olli might not be welcome by bus and taxi drivers, but passengers that don’t have to deal with shady drivers and can get cheaper transportation will welcome this rollout. Watch the video to learn more about Olli and its supercomputer brain.


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