Logan Paul Encased 15 Game Boy Colors In Resin To Create A Pokémon Tabletop

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Logan Paul

That’s what’s happening to Logan Paul, who encased Game Boy Colors in resin to make a Pokémon tabletop.

Paul posted the project on TikTok and shared a clip to Twitter on December 26. He took 15 Game Boy Colors, including what appears to be the limited-edition Pokémon-themed one and a dandelion yellow version, and enclosed them in multiple pounds of epoxy resin. After positioning and covering the consoles in gel, Paul wrapped the tabletop with a metal Pokéball frame.

He posted a shorter follow-up video showcasing how the table lights up and changes colors, going from blue to purple to red to green and back again. It actually looks tight! It’s also a solid way to preserve some of gaming’s history by repurposing something old into something artistic and functional.

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