Logan Paul’s $3.5 Million Box Of ‘Pokémon’ Cards Was Just Old G.I. Joe Crap

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Boxer and Pokémon car hoarder Logan Paul made news last month after spending $3.5 million dollars on a box of supposedly “sealed & authenticated” first-edition Pokémon cards. However, just after announcing his investment, many in the Pokémon card community pointed out that the box was likely fake. In response, Paul headed to Chicago to check the cards, and today he announced that yup, it was all fraud. Paul spent all that money on packets of G.I. Joe cards. *Insert Sad trumpet.mp3 here*

Both popular and hated internet celeb shared the news on his YouTube channel today. In a video simply titled “I Lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards” Paul explains how he lost all that money on some counterfeit cards.

In it, he said all the sites covering his acquisition of the cards, and the quick response from the Pokémon community declaring he’d made a big mistake. Many felt the box was too sus to buy and didn’t trust the Baseball Card Exchange to correctly verify the cards. After enough people pointed this out, Paul chose to check on the cards with the BCE himself and documented his short trip to Chicago to open and confirm the sealed boxes. In the video, a BCE representative explains why they certified the unopened boxes, pointing to how the packages are sealed and how they seem not to have been tampered with.

“It’s just so sad for all parties involved,” said Paul after learning the news. “ It’s sad for the Pokémon community, like how many fraudulent fucking things are out there. I’m grateful for the things I have now that are real.” Later he added, “We got fucked. End of story.”

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