Logitech Released The New Vibrant G Color Collection

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Logitech announced last week its new lineup of gaming gadgets to enter the G series collection. The new peripherals are still of the high caliber from the company, with the continued implementation of customization. The collection is composed of a wireless headset, wireless mechanical keyboard, wired mouse, and a wireless mouse. They come in many different colors depending on which peripheral you’re going with. All of which can be further customized by their RGB options and the color spectrum through Logitech’s G Hub software. Every gadget has the capacity to use the 16.8 million different colors available.

  • The G733 is an ultra-lightweight headset with Lightspeed wireless technology. It uses broadcast-quality Blue Vo!ce filters and boasts surround sound performance. It has a battery that lasts up to 29 hours on a single charge which is more than enough for any gamer. It can be further customized by additional headbands and mic covers that can be purchased through Logitech.

  • The G305 wireless mouse is back with the new color collection as well. It still features the classic shape that it’s loved for; it’s long-lasting comfort. It has a battery that can last up to 9 months of regular use. This is a very versatile mouse that can be useful during working hours and delivers in droves during gametime.

  • The G915 TKL is a low-profile, compact, and thin wireless mechanical keyboard. It has a modern design, merging sleek metals and a slight pop of color. This a professional-looking keyboard that was made for gaming and uses Lightsync technology.

  • The G203 is the wired option of the lineups offered mouses. It too has a classic shape to it while embracing the collection’s new color schemes. It has 6 programmable buttons and comes ready to use out of the box.

You can buy it now through Logitech’s website here!

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