Logitech’s New VR Accessory Brings Valve Index Audio to the Quest 2

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Quest 2

Good audio is very important for immersive virtual reality, yet surprisingly today’s most famous VR headset, the Meta Quest 2, doesn’t excel in this area. Its out-of-the-box audio system is a couple of tiny speakers built-in to the headset’s strap, which leave a lot to be desired in quality, volume, and directionality.

It’s called the Logitech G Chorus, and its deal is getting two open-back custom-tuned open BMR drivers onto either side of your ears for greatly enhanced audio in VR.

It works by combining directly onto the Quest 2’s strap mounting arms, which has the added benefit of allowing the Chorus to be compatible with a range of non-standard straps. Logi says hard or delicate straps should be just fine either way, which is good if, like me, you’ve invested in the better balanced Elite strap or similar.

You’ll be adding an extra 182g to the weight of the Quest with the Chorus installed, so I’d probably recommend a more comfortable strap to go with it, anyways.

Since the Chorus connects via USB Type-C, it does take up the port on the VR headset. However, the device includes a USB Type-C passthrough, so charging or linking the Quest to your PC via a cable shouldn’t be an issue with the Chorus installed.

Volume control is taken care of by the Quest 2’s integrated buttons, and if you want to mute your VR swiftly, you only need to flip the Chorus speakers up and out the way to do so.

If the Chorus can match the Index’s directionality and comfort over long periods in VR, I’ll be impressed. The Chorus is set to cost $100 when it goes on sale at the end of August (pre-orders open now), so I’m hoping for a high standard to explain the cost at the very least.

It is, however, sad for Logitech that Meta has recently raised the price of the Quest 2 by exactly $100, otherwise, this would be an easier buy for fresh-faced VR owners. When you start to add a couple of expensive accessories to the $500 Quest 2—a comfortable strap, a battery pack, a Link cable, and the improved audio option—you can start to rack up a price tag not all that far off the already amazing Valve Index at $999.


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