A Look At The Minecraft Aquatic Update

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Minecraft‘s oceans are vast, seemingly empty expanses only good for riding over with a boat. That has been changing recently, though, with the addition of new creatures and underwater structures over the course of the past year. It doesn’t end there, though; the water is about to become much more exciting, with the Aquatic Update.

The main idea behind the Aquatic Update is to make the ocean much more realistic and intriguing to explore. With additions of new animals, blocks, water effects, and even a new weapon, the Aquatic Update is poised to be one of the most exciting updates to hit the game in quite some time.

If you decide to explore the ocean, you may find yourself running into a few new challenges. Magma at the bottom of the ocean will create bubble columns. These bubbles rise to the surface with great volatility and cause your boat to shake and rock, and it could even cause your boat to break apart. Don’t worry too much about losing items though, because objects will now slowly float to the surface when dropped in water.

Now, with your boat broken you decide to swim to the nearest shores, but as you look beneath you, into the dark depths of the sea, you notice a large shipwreck. These iconic appeals of ocean exploration can be explored and scavenged by players.

You may notice a few new creatures in your surroundings. Dolphins swim around with players and can be used in underwater exploration. A myriad of fish now fills the water, including cod, salmon, and tropical fish. There’s also a new way to fish manually with a bucket; you can even take them back home and make yourself an impressive home aquarium.

Depending on what type of region you are in, the ocean will hold vastly different structures and blocks, just like in regular biomes. If you’re somewhere cold, and the oceans are frozen and frigid, you might run into one of the Aquatic Update’s new structures, an Iceberg. If, however, you are in a warmer biome, and in a shallow area, you might just come across a coral reef.

Coral reefs will host a large cluster of new coral blocks in natural, realistic colors, such as white, dark purple, yellow, and magenta. Reefs, just as those in real life, will be home to tropical fish and even some wild kelp. The kelp is very natural-looking and moves in the water with the ocean’s currents. It stretches around like a bush as well.

Coral can be harvested and used similarly to cobblestone. You can build slabs, stairs, or use it as a building block for a colorful, creative addition to your player’s home.

Make sure your player stays well-rested because this Aquatic Update has one new feature unrelated to the water. If you’re so excited by the new update that you go several days without sleeping in bed, you might just attract the newest, vicious creature in Minecraft. “The Monster Of The Night Skies”, as it’s called, is a flying creature that spawns high up in the skies. It can detect when you’ve been awake for a long time, and it will fly down and attack you. The scariest part is that they attack in groups; the only more frightening than a Monster of the Night Skies would be several of them.

With all this talk of monsters, you may be thinking, ‘how can I protect myself while exploring the oceans?’ The answer put simply, is a new weapon designed for the water. The Trident can be used as a sword or thrown, like a spear, underwater. It is a magical tool, but its powers can only be utilized if it is wet. So, get out in the water or in the rain and use your fancy new Trident to fight and explore all that Minecraft has to offer.


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