LOST ARK 2023 New Roadmap

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Developers Smilegate and publisher Amazon Games are ready to take their Lost Ark players into the next year with a plan of what they can expect in the game. Of course, it starts off with the already announced crossover event with The Witcher, which features an all-new island and event quests to accomplish. From there, they have shared enough plans up until April 2023.

February will mark the one-year anniversary of the game and so they have a few special events planned within the Rowan Continent. Rowen is a continent that is located east of Shushire, filled with Sylmael, the crimson jewels that are a precious resource in Arkesia. Keep in mind that Item Level 1445 is required to begin Rowen’s world quest, so if you aren’t there yet then you have until February to get there and participate in what they have planned!

March will introduce the Tulubik Battlefield. Here a new type of PvP activity arrives with 96-player (48 v 48) RvR Tulubik Battlefield. With bases to capture, special secondary objectives, not to mention dozens of players to fight on the other team, there’s no shortage of action in the Tulubik Battleground. Matches are held at specified times during the week. Faction Rank 5 and Item Level 1490 is required to participate in the Tulubik Battlefield, and Faction XP can be earned by all those who answer their faction’s call to action.

April brings a few new aspects to the game. First, there is the Artist Advanced Class. The Artist is capable of tactical versatility with illusion powers from her brush and specializes in supporting her team. With her magical brush and flowing ink, the Artist can either choose to attack foes directly or summon holy beasts by painting them. While the Artist’s attack power is on the low side, she is capable of providing strong support to allies and rescuing them from peril with her illusion powers— making her a welcome member of any party.

April will also add Brelshaza Hard Mode, which will require Item Level 1540 for gates 1 & 2, 1550 for gates 3 & 4, and 1560 for gates 5 & 6. Players can also expect the Hanumatan Gaurdian Raid which is the Solar Guardian Hanumatan is hallowed in Anikka.

Lost Ark’s roadmap for January to April 2023 definitely looks very promising, especially when you dive into the details of everything being added on the official Lost Ark website. Even from that point, the team is looking forward to bringing even more to the game throughout the year – this roadmap is only the beginning of the year. Are you excited for the updates coming to Lost Ark in 2023?

Lost Ark is available on PC via Steam.

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