LOST ARK April And May Roadmap Unveiled

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LOST ARK was released back in February, and developers Smilegate and publisher Amazon Games have been working to deliver more content to their Lost Ark players. With the March updates behind them, they are now into what’s next and have announced their plans for both April and May in their new roadmap update for the game. While you can check out the full blog here, here’s a shortlist of what’s coming into the game soon.

The developers are focusing on horizontal content and giving players exact paths for advancement without feeling like they need to pay. Since they want to provide more players time to reach the end-game before presenting Legion Raids, which is going to be the definitive raiding experience, they are first getting a new martial arts class called Glavier, a new continent, and some general updates in April.

In May, they will be introducing another new warrior class called Destroyer, trial guardian raids, and a few more general updates. The interesting factor will be how the numbers show on their end. If all is well, the tentative updates they want to include this month are also a new guardian raid called Deskaluda and a new legion raid called Valtan.

Lost Ark already has many updates ahead of it and the developers plan to keep this game’s life span going as long as fans of the game are active. It is still currently available as a free-to-play game on Steam and it got positive reviews across the board!

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