Lost Sea Release Date Announced

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Aidan Price Game Designer at Eastasiasoft has today revealed details about the new PlayStation 4 game Lost Sea. Check out the gameplay video below.

Eastasiasoft explain a little more about what you can expect from the new game :

Lost Sea is an explorative action-adventure game set inside the perilous environment of the Bermuda Triangle. One of the core aspects of the game is exploring a myriad of procedurally generated islands, each with its own unique landmarks and population of friendly crew members and deadly critters.

The idea of having procedurally generated islands is something we decided on right at the start of the project, and the concept of a continually shifting archipelago lent itself well to the mysterious setting of the Bermuda Triangle. Lost Sea is a pretty challenging game, so we wanted to make sure that people wouldn’t get tired of seeing the same islands over and over again.

Implementing a procedural generation system is a pretty large endeavor. It takes a lot of work to devise a system that makes the game world sufficiently different while ensuring that the islands created are possible for the player to complete and have a good mix of elements. Throughout the course of development, we saw our fair share of crazy islands. From tiny beaches populated entirely with the deadliest creatures the game has to offer to having the player’s ship trapped on a lake inside the island, Lost Sea definitely kept us on our toes!

Overall we’re really happy with how the island generation system turned out. After landing on a new island you have no idea what you’re getting into. Maybe it will be easy to explore, populated with lots of skilled crew members and powerful items, or maybe it will be a gigantic, barren island full of murderous creatures and traps.

Lost Sea will be released on PS4 on July 5th, 2016.



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