LuckyCrush: Meeting New People Online

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After testing out tons of online dating and video chat platforms, we have come to the conclusion that LuckyCrush is without a doubt the most fun and interesting app out there. LuckyCrush is the newest online random video chat platform on which guys can connect with girls and girls can connect with boys easily.

LuckyCrush provides you with a safe and fun online platform on which you can connect with random people of the opposite gender in a single click. Moreover, users can easily chat, write, and talk to each other while they have the option of seeing each other on the webcam. If you don’t like your partner, just change it with a simple click and Voila. With LuckyCrush, you now have the best online video chat platform where you don’t even have to wait for too long before you are paired with someone of the opposite gender. As there are no time limitations users can chat or talk to someone they like for as long as they want.

Although, it is really important that you keep in mind the fact that LuckyCrush is not a dating website, as users are just allowed to chat with random people as long as both the partners are online. Moreover, all the personal information is kept private while both the partners can only see each other’s username making their experience on LuckCrush completely ephemeral and virtual as both the partners never meet physically.


What Makes LuckyCrush an anonymous video chat platform?

Since it’s completely up to the users to show their face to their partners, users can expect privacy as they try LuckyCrush. Moreover, during any video chat, the username is the only thing that is visible on the screen while all the personal information is hidden. Lastly, all the users are encouraged not to share their personal information in order to ensure their personal safety and to maintain anonymity on the platform.

In order to provide the users with the best online experience, all the male and female registrations are regulated on LuckyCrush. This way male users will be get paired with female users and vice versa. This is also a great way through the platform ensures that users do not wait for that long before they are paired with someone of the opposite gender.

Overall, users can say that LuckyCrush is an online platform that provides them with a virtual flirting experience with random live chat partners. Considering how global lockdown forced people to stay in their homes, LuckyCrush witness a rise of 50% in their registrations. This was mainly because there are no other ways for people through which they can connect with each other.

LuckyCrush was started in the year 2019 and now has more than 1 million members in more than 100 countries. This shows how popular and reliable LuckyCrush is. Besides all this, this platform can be easily accessed through your mobile phone or your computer and there is no need for you to download any application.

The interface of this platform is also quite intuitive and easy to use, you just have to get yourself registered, choose your gender, and just start with the live video chat. In order to get a sense of the way this platform works, users also get to browse through a few partners before they are asked to register for the service.

Question: Why this platform is only for straight men and women? This can be seen as something that is against the LGBT community.

Answer: The current technology that is being used by the platform is only optimized so that guys can pair up with girls and vice versa. This is also done through the regulation of male and female registrations on the platform. Although, the matchmaking process is under development, and users that belong to the LGBT community might get a dedicated platform.

Keeping in mind the current situation and how the global lockdown is in effect, LuckyCrush is an amazing and safe platform that everyone can try and have fun online.

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