Luna Personal Robot Launches For $999 (video)

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Luna Personal Robot

If you like to have a affordable personal robot then you are in luck,  You might be interested in Luna, a first human size personal robot designed for everyday practical use.

Luna includes a wealth of features that can be enhanced using applications and even has a personality, check out the video below created by Fred Nikgohar to learn more about Luna.

The Luna project is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website looking to raise $500,000 in pledges to make the jump from concept to production.

Luna Personal Robot

“Since our founding our mission is to bring robots to the masses. We believe that robots and humans can live and work in harmony together. That’s why we made Luna. Luna is a personal robot designed for everyday practical use. She is a powerful platform capable of an increasing universe of apps and services through an app store model. Human scale with a powerful computer, hi def camera, capacitive touch screen LCD and many other features, Luna is the first evolutionary step in a near-future where robots become a normal part of everyday human life. 

The Apps, Services and Accessories model has already proven incredibly successful with other platforms like PCs, Mobiles, and Tablets. The creation of Apps, Services and Accessories around an open robotic architecture therefore, is the critical ingredient for the success of robotics as a whole – something that has eluded robotics over the past 50 years, and the reason we don’t have robots in our everyday lives today.

Aside being a powerful personal robot, Luna is specifically designed as an Open, Standard, and Affordable platform that inspires and incentivizes developers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to form a thriving ecosystem. Our success ensures ever more capable robot hardware, with better software and services, from a diverse field of market participants. In short, our success means we have created a robotics industry!

Luna can keep an eye out on the Elderly living on their own and help them to remain independent. Luna can be an invaluable Medical Assistant, reminding patients to take their medicine, assist nurses by fetching items or carrying things from room to room, or facilitate bringing a Specialist to a patient’s bedside (telepresence) for urgent medical care.

Luna can patrol a premise and provide security services. For example she can record suspicious activities while informing authorities, allowing humans to stay out of dangerous situations but still provide them the tools they need to confront them. In fact, Luna can do all these things (and more) simultaneously or as needed, since each of these services are essentially apps that are running on the Luna platform and can be obtained through her app store. “

Do watch this most dramatic video.


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