M55 Terminus Classic Mountain Bike

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M55 Terminus Classic Mountain Bike

M55 Terminus Classic – On an M55, even the most minuscule details are designed to amaze the rider. These bikes can outperform all other e-bikes currently on the market, and you can be sure that you won’t fly by the same model on the road, as all editions are limited to a maximum of 55 pieces per series. That’s a total of 275. In the world.

M55 Terminus Classic Mountain Bike

Each bike produced by M55 is a true performer, a real collector’s item and a great conversation piece that you’ll never get bored of no matter if you ride it on a daily basis, or simply exhibit it on your yacht as a piece of art.

The M55 Terminus rewrites the rules for e-bikes, the ultimate in engineering excellence and hybrid performance has stunning aesthetic appeal. Our muscular, futuristic design consciously aims to turn heads and quicken the pulse of every discerning enthusiast.

M55 Terminus Classic Mountain Bike

Frame: AL 7075 (aluminum) CNC machined / by M55 BIKE

Motor: Brushless (BLDC) from 250W to 2000W / by M55 BIKE

Drive system: Throttle & RPM sensor / by M55 BIKE

Battery: 1320 Wh, 37,2 Ah, 43,2V / Pa/ built by M55 BIKE


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