Madden 21 On PS5 And Xbox Series X Live Data And New Details Revealed

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The most outstanding improvements to the next-gen version of Madden 21 is the Living World of the game and Next-Gen Stats.

The first thing you will notice in the next-gen version of Madden 21 is the visuals. The whole game looks like a cinema screen and you won’t tell the difference if it’s a video game or a real-life game, and that’s clearly the first test for any game on the new generation of consoles.

From a player standpoint, Madden 21 is the best-looking game on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Some of the more Living-World-specific updates are connected with the sidelines, stadium illumination, and weather patterns. The sidelines look a lot awesome than current-gen as everyone looks to be a high-fidelity, 3-D render.

When you are playing defense is on the field, your offensive players will be on the sidelines. There are also communications between the two if you have a player who runs out of bounds. Another powerful touch that was introduced, but wasn’t shown in the game preview, was the addition of injured or inactive players on the sidelines in normal clothes. This has never been done in a sports game up to this point. That adds some immersion for franchise mode games.

The stadiums look amazing and as real as it can get. Venues like Lambeau Field, CenturyLink Field, and Cowboys Stadium stood out specifically throughout the preview. The diverse lighting effects based on time of day, weather, and construction should give some of the most recognizable enhancements to the game’s visuals.

The weather also seems to be a significant aspect of visual development. We saw rain-soaked sidelines and many cosmetic changes based on snow. It looks brilliant, but there is a grand omission on this front. None of the weather effects influence gameplay of the game.

EA is working with the next-gen stats, which is based on a microchip that is placed in each player’s shoulder pads for the longest time, to better chart realistic movement. EA seems to be using the data for route running and capturing animations. All of that is wonderful, but there seems to be a hole in this concept.

When asked if EA planning to use these next-gen stats to shape ratings, the answer wasn’t black and white, which actually makes sense, but isn’t specifically ideal. I was expecting to hear someone say that next-gen player ratings would be solely based on data obtained from the new tech.

Instead, it seems EA is only using some of what it has to offer to influence player ratings. The implementation of next-gen stats appears a little underdeveloped. However, I still should see the game moving on a  playable camera. That experience could turn me entirely in a positive direction.

You have to see the game in 4K to believe it, it looks really good.


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