MAFIA DEFINITIVE EDITION Official Narrative Trailer is Here

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Mafia is coming back. This time, they’re starting from the very beginning. In early May there was news online about a remake of the original Mafia game that started the series in 2002. On May 19th they released an announcement trailer revealing the remaster. Not only were we given details that they were remaking the original game (release on August 28th), we are also receiving a definitive edition for Mafia 2 and 3. Both will come with all previously released DLC, and if you already own Mafia 3, it will be updated automatically. Besides DLC, both games have gotten a little facelift albeit minimal. Those games were released only a couple of days after the announcement and can be bought individually or in a bundle. All 3 definitive editions are available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, there has yet to be the talk of a next-generation version.

The remake of the original game is remade from the ground up and will reportedly run on the same game mechanics as the previous entry to the series, Mafia 3. There was hope for a view of what the game would actually look like, and on June 13th we were given to a story trailer. Although there is zero gameplay to be shown, the trailer does attract as to what we can hope with some visuals of this remake.

Mafia 2: Definitive Edition

Newly imagined looks to the characters are also on show here as we get to see our protagonist, antagonist, and a few of the supporting characters. Most notable is our protagonist Tommy Angelo. In the old days due to a lack of technological enhancements, game developers didn’t have the means to create totally realistic-looking characters. Now that we have the skills of doing more, Hangar 13 took advantage of this and recreated the looks of the characters. Tommy has been recreated, while still keeping with his signature look of black suit and red tie. We have seen some of the classic scenes, like the one from the mission “The Priest” as well as scenes totally done differently as when Tommy meets Detective Norman.

While the game still has time before release, there have not yet been any hints as to when 2K is going to release a gameplay trailer, showing us what’s to be expected in-game visually. I’d expect something by mid-July as this has been the trend with them on news with the game. The original Mafia game did a great job setting up its tone and the world so I am sure, that is the case with the remake. They have a really good chance of making something really amazing and I really hope it doesn’t get badly executed the same way as Mafia 3 was, It was hopeless and graphics simply sucks.


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