Mafia Is Free on Steam to Celebrate Anniversary

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Mafia on Steam is free for a little while, developers 2K are giving the most amazing original open-world game to commemorate the game’s 20th birthday. The game will be free to get on Steam from 1-5 September.

There was a time when Mafia and GTA went head to head on the gaming battleground, with both crime games delivering the player a chance to participate in organized crime in an open-world setting. While GTA has gone the online route for the past two million years, Mafia has been plugging away at releasing new single-player titles every few years. The third game in the series was released to mediocre reviews, but the remake of the original was, admittedly, good.

2K created a hashtag on Twitter for people to add their own stories on what Mafia means to them. One player shares their deep connection to the series:

“I don’t think I would’ve gotten into history the way I did without the Mafia series,” they said. “Mafia II especially holds some of the greatest memories of all time for me and my friends in the last decade. After playing that demo in 2010, I was hooked for life.”

2K even got in on their own act, reminiscing about one of the more frustrating moments of the original game: “Be honest, what was your rage level at for the Race Mission?”

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