Magical Harry Potter XMAS Decorations Are Here

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Harry Potter XMAS Decorations

Harry Potter Christmas decorations are truly here and they’re set to make your holiday time the most magical time of year!

And seriously we’re making our Gringotts account for a large withdrawal of gold so that we can buy them all!

If you’re looking for something more kid-friendly and suitable for all future witches and wizards, then these baubles decorated for each Hogwarts House are perfect for your Xmas tree!

Harry Potter XMAS Decorations

These baubles can be purchased from Sanity! And while you’re in the store you might as well also pick up these Harry Potter house-themed cushions to sit on while you open all of your prezzies on Christmas morning!

Sanity has the Hogwarts themed ribbon to wrap them with.

The people over at Pottery Barn have also joined in on the Harry Potter decoration trend with tree ornaments of all of your favorite characters as well the Hogwarts Express!

It might also be time to invest in a new Christmas stocking this year with the release of these magical HP stockings to hang on your mantel. Not only are they decorated with pictures like Hedwig and the Golden Snitch, but you can also get them personalized.

So even though we might not be able to spend our Christmas with a delicious feast in the Great Hall at the actual Hogwarts, you can surely spend your own Christmas lunch surrounded by the best Harry Potter Christmas decorations out there.


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