Magnetic Lacing is Here, So You Don’t Have To Tie Your Laces Again

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Magnetic Lacing

Ryan Wiens has taken his new creation to Kickstarter to promote his new generation of magnetic lacing in the form of Zubits 2.0. It is quite simple and straight forward but there is a very high-tech magnetic solution behind it.

Zubits magnetic lacing solution is back with new colors and new lace holders for even easier micro-adjustments and installation. (patents pending)

Zubits make your shoes insanely easy. Just imagine…

– Slip into wide open shoes as if there were no laces at all.
– Never tie laces again. Close with a simple magnetic click.
– Remove your shoes hands-free.
– No more tying, knots, double knots, or laces coming undone.
– No more ugly floppy bows. Just a clean looking shoe.
– Magnetically pair up your shoes and organize them in new places.

The Zubits magnetic lacingIs now available to back via Kickstarter with pledges starting from $15 a pair and shipping expected to take place during October 2016.

For more information head to Kickstarter.


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