MAINGEAR and GIGABYTE Working On Making Cable Management Easier with Project Stealth

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MAINGEAR and GIGABYTE revealed Project Stealth to remove cable clutter in your gaming desktop PC. GIGABYTE’s Project Stealth uses a patent by MAINGEAR to put cable connectors like the ATX power, CPU power, etc. on the back of motherboards so that all the cables go there instead of becoming a twisted web of a mess around all your computer parts.

This is amazing, PC’s need to be redesigned, especially if you don’t have the time to get good cable management. The first motherboard to utilize this is the Z690 Aorus Elite Stealth and the RTX 3070 Gaming OC Stealth graphics card has an underside PCI-E power socket for additional discreet cabling. Pair these with the Aorus C300G Stealth case and you’ve got a perfect storm of cable management.

You can purchase all of these from local retailers soon in the GIGABYTE Project Stealth computer assembly kit. In addition, MAINGEAR will soon be releasing a Stealth Gaming Desktop that customers can customize with support for up to a 12th Gen Intel Core CPU and more.

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