Majestic Recreation of Hogwarts Produced in Minecraft Took Seven Years To Make

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The Minecraft modding club Floo Network has used most of the past seven years producing an awesome recreation of the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry along with other Harry Potter areas including Diagon Alley. They are still creating and extending the map and are hoping to release it by the end of the month for all. Here are some details:

For what is essentially a Minecraft mod, the whole project looks surprisingly fleshed out. Aside from merely exploring, players will be able to fight enemies, trade in Diagon Alley, scavenge for loot and supplies, and even explore parts of London.

Players will even be able to visit the Quidditch Field and play a game or two with friends. Further, a lot of the locations in the Minecraft Harry Potter mod are interactive, like the Grand Staircase, where all the stairs are continuously moving. Additionally, there are a couple of puzzle rooms where players will have to use their wands to shoot at a target or cast a spell to move objects around in order to solve the mystery.

The precise details they included in this recreation is incredible.


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