Make Your Home Intruder Proof Pokemon Style

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Make Your Home Intruder Proof Pokemon Style

The Pokemon Go craze has slowed a little but that doesn’t mean those whose homes have been turned into Pokestops and Gyms are enjoying any peace and quiet. There are still plenty of kids and 20-somethings, walking around with their necks craned to look at their phones, in the hope of catching enough Magikarps to make a Gyarados or even finding a legendary Mew.

The game has been applauded for its ability to get even the laziest of couch potatoes pulling their shoes on and heading out the door, one guy even lost two stone catching them all! It’s helped people form new friendships, get outside and for some has provided them with a reason to get out of bed in the morning when struggling with depression or anxiety.

However, besides all these great things, some people are so desperate to get their hands on the nearest pocket monster there have been cases of them entering private property and their neighbour’s gardens to swipe up and catch whatever Pokemon is lurking there on the map. Churches have been ‘overrun’ by swarms of Pokemon Go-ers and historical buildings have petitioned to be removed from the map as gyms or Poke-stops.

So, in response to this craziness, security experts Security Direct put together this helpful guide on how to ‘Pokemon Go proof’ your home, to keep those wandering wannabe trainers out of a person’s private property. From roller shutters to window bars and even an electric fence, they’ve thought of it all!

Check out the guide, it’s got all the tips and tricks on there for those who think Pokemon catchers are going to start shambling into their homes like technology addicted zombies.

Intruder Proof your Home Pokemon Go Style

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