Make Money Blogging: How to Commercialize Your Blog

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With the rise of Internet blogs, writing skills have become even more valuable: being an interesting personality, you have all chance not just share the best moments with the rest of the world but also earn on it! Think it’s impossible? Then the tips by Lucy Adams, a blogger from one of the best essay writing services, are just for you!

Although many people lead their blog without commercial purposes, it can be very and very profitable, and not only when it comes to corporate blogs of large companies. As a geek, a traveler or just an expert is some niche, you have countless opportunities to fill the pocket.

Those who first came across articles similar to this often wonder how much they can earn this way and whether they can get a stable and sufficient income. But let’s face it: as in any other field, earning by blogging is the result of your work, and here a lot depends on your perseverance and diligence. However, top bloggers make very good money blogging, up to a few tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Myths about Blogging

You can’t sell a ballpen for 10 000 dollars unless it belongs to the Queen. The same applies to your blog: until it’s unpopular, you won’t be able to make income from it. Below are a few other myths:

  • The more visitors the blog has, the better. Basically, that’s true, but, depending on the type of advertising, you may be interested only in users that make target actions (for example, clicking on a banner). That’s why putting links to your blog here and there is sometimes useless.
  • The more posts, the better. Yes, you should constantly update your blog, but the quality of materials is what really attracts readers. Let your best posts be at the top or in the most visible place so that readers can see them and response.
  • A pretty blog doesn’t need promotion. Unfortunately, unless you are one of the leaders in the niche, you do need to invest in promotion. Just think about how we search for information: in most cases, we stop at the first site in the search results and don’t look at the potentially stronger articles placed below.


How to Commercialize a Personal Blog: from Contextual Advertising to Donations

  • Contextual advertising. If your blog has a sufficient number of unique visits (100-300 a day), you can start working with contextual advertising, a relevant advertising interconnected with the topic of your blog/post. That is, if you’re writing about fish, you’ll get banners with advertising of fishing shops or fish food. It’s very important to keep the blog free of irrelevant advertising.
  • Ad banners without intermediaries. If you feel confident, you can do an independent search for those who want to place their ads on your blog.
  • Selling links. If your blog is highly valued by search engines (that is, impressive in terms of PR), most likely, the owners of smaller websites will be interested in getting a backlink for promotion. This type of income is quite popular, but here you play with edged tools as you may get penalties from Google.
  • Advertising reviews. Naturally, your readers are interested in useful information while advertisers – in a positive feedback. Here you should kill two birds with one stone. The hardest part is to create a catching review so that to advertise in an unobtrusive manner.
  • Affiliate programs. The essence of this method lies in earning a profit directly from the sale of goods or services. That is, you get the money when someone buys
  • These are the most annoying banners that you want to close right after they appear. As they stop all possible user interaction with the website, they are the best way to anger visitors and make them close your blog once and for all.
  • In-built advertising. This is one of the most effective types of advertising, but only the strongest blogs can afford it. For example, if you have a popular automobile blog, you can search for advertisers and propose them to use their logo (or the image of the newest auto) as the background of your blog.
  • Selling information. Some knowledge is so valuable that they can be used not only to attract the audience but also directly for sale. This kind of activity is called info-business. Being an expert in some niche, you can offer paid consultations or assistance, for example.
  • Asking for help. If you’re asking for donations, you must confirm that you use them for the purpose. This may work for you if you have an interesting idea or need money for research that will be useful for readers.


Advice on How to Attract Visitors to Your Blog

There are millions of bloggers, but few of them make money blogging. No one will pay you for the notes in your online diary. Below are some final tips to help beginners boost their blogging careers:

  • Thought out blogging strategy in advance. Consider ways of monetization, which you will use. For example, selling backlinks may not be combined with affiliate programs.
  • If the blog is young, selling links will reduce the trust of search engines. At the same time, the increase in trust will raise the price of links.
  • Do not sell links from high-quality articles. When the information is of interest to visitors and highly appreciated by Google, there’s no point to make such leakage. Getting to the top of Google is worth much more than the one sold link.
  • Do not sell links to low-quality websites. The pursuit of money should not lead to the fact that your blog will become a link farm.
  • Do not put a high price for placing banners at the early stages. Advertisers will pay you more when they feel the positive effects of cooperation with you.
  • Use relevant advertising only. Informational content should be combined with the text displayed on banners. Otherwise, visitors will feel uncomfortable and leave your blog.
  • Feel the advertising space to accustom visitors to banners. Place ads in advance, whether they animated images or even free advertising.

There are always a lot of opportunities in the air – you need just to learn how to use them. Of course, the main criteria is the quality of your content, whether it is industry insights, product features, an authoritative opinion on the issue, a story of your brand, an event announcement, etc. If you’re bringing something original, unique to readers, they will always appreciate your endeavors.


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