Making the Most Out of Online Casino Free Spins

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After getting a bonus like verde casino 50 free spins, the next logical step is to find a way to maximize it. What it means is you shouldn’t just spin all of them right away. There are ways by which you can improve your winning odds, and these are the things we’ll explain today.


Risk a Strategy

Although slot machines work the same way, there are still strategies that you can implement, such as increasing your bet every time you win.

The thing with testing a strategy is that it comes with a cost. With free spins, you eliminate this cost. Supposing that you got $20 worth of free spins, you have enough capital to test a strategy without investing your money.


Test the Features

Some slot machines come with features like a “buy bonus round.” Some slots have a gamble feature. With real cash, you’d have to spend a ton to test these features.

If you have free spins, you can use them like you’d use real cash. Some bonuses allow you to buy a bonus feature from a particular slot machine. Now, you can test that feature and see how it goes.


Here are some things you can do:

  • Check how the gamble feature works;
  • Measure your test results;
  • Use your findings to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

The benefit of this — you don’t have to shell out your own funds. Once you know how a feature works, you can avoid it if you think it’s not worth the investment. Otherwise, you’d have lost your money if you tried it without the free spins bonus.

There are also many slot features like bonuses. Sometimes, these bonuses involve a spinning wheel. Other times, you need to choose three “secret” symbols. From these symbols, you get lucky prizes or nothing.

If you use real money, you won’t even know what these features are about. As such, you can make bad decisions once features are activated. With free spins, you don’t lose anything.


Play New Games

There are thousands of online slot machines. Many of these are just a rehash of existing ones, and the developers merely changed the theme and symbols. If you think about it, the processes and gameplay are the same for many of these slots.

The last thing you want is to play a game and then find out that it’s essentially the same as the last one you played, albeit with different symbols.

With free slot spins, you can test new games and find out if they offer something new. You don’t even have to spend all your free spins bonus in a game. Just access the slot if there is no demo version. Then, check out the slot features.

From here, you can tell yourself whether or not this slot machine you tried has something new to bring to the table. You won’t waste your money testing new games.

However, you can’t do this all the time. On most occasions, slot bonuses only apply to particular slot machines. Casinos do this if they want to promote a new slot title.

The good news is that online casinos usually allow you to use free spins in several titles. For example, you may receive $20 worth of online free spins, which you can play in two or three slot titles.

Use these free spins in all of them. This way, you can test which one is easier to play, easier to win, or has more bonuses and features you can trigger.


Practice with Free Spins

Since there are thousands of slot machines, they can also be confusing to play. Slots work on the same premise, but these games have evolved. There are many slots that have confusing paylines, bonuses, and features.

What you can do with your free spins bonus is to practice. Let us say there is a slot machine you really like to play, but you have a hard time understanding it; you can use your free slot spins to play and practice.

With free spins, you can begin to understand how the slot’s payout works. By the time you’re done, you can tell yourself that you’re an expert in that game who knows what to do in order to win.

Almost all online casinos offer free spins. Some of them allow you to play at all slots, and some don’t. One thing that you must do is read the terms and conditions of the free spin bonus. With free spins, you can test your skills, your strategy, and how a game works. Use them wisely, or the casino may forfeit your bonus and winnings from them.

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