This Mall Installed New Pods Where Shopping Wives Can Park Their Husbands

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Mall Installed New Pods

Men don’t have the stamina to handle a sprint shopping session at the mall with their wives. A creative mall in China come up with an interesting new solution. They’ve installed “husband storage pods.”

Inside the pod, there is a comfy chair for a tired spouse to sit in and a gaming rig loaded up with classic games like Tekken 3 or Robocop to help kill the time while wives can shop for hours in peace.

One user of the pod told The Paper that a five-minute stint in one of the pods left him sweating buckets.

Some users think the retro gaming break is just what the doctor directed. One remarked that the pods “give these men an incentive to go shopping, and to pick up the bill.”

Everyone is welcome to use the pods and not just exhausted husbands, Anyone can step in, sit down and press the start button using them doesn’t cost a single Yuan.


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