Malta Announces an AI-Powered Virtual Citizen

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VisitMalta.com launched an industry-first virtual citizen program that combines the infinite possibilities of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse. Their first citizen is named Marija and represents a typical Maltese woman who has all the answers to visitors’ questions about the island’s history and locations.

Malta AI 

Who Is Marija and What Is the Virtual Citizen Program?

Marija is an industry first: a resident of Malta that exists only in digital form. But that doesn’t mean that she is a flat, robotic being with no personality. Marija was intentionally created with traits common to human residents of Malta, including physical characteristics and features typical of the Mediterranean region. She was also given an ancestry that dates back to the time of the Knights of St. John and the British Colonial rule.

Marija will be capable of interacting with tourists much like a human would – and in real-time. She can answer any question concerning Maltese history, offer directions, and even throw in a joke or two when the situation is appropriate.

Malta’s first virtual citizen was developed in close collaboration with Reimagine.ai, an artificial intelligence creative studio whose team worked painstakingly hard to allow Marija to speak with key phrases of the Maltese language and exhibit mannerisms identical to those exhibited in a typical conversation between locals.

As reported by GadgetPreview.com, the purpose of this project is to offer tourists an extensive information hotspot with which to research Maltese history. In addition to being able to answer questions about historical events, Marija will also be able to educate users about notable people and locations.

“VisitMalta is looking at this project as another opportunity through which the Maltese touristic product is being developed, by becoming more relevant to the 21st century. In a nutshell, Marija will become an experience which is guaranteed to bring together art and artificial intelligence to provide a holistic and exciting human experience,” Mr. Johann Buttigieg, CEO of VisitMalta, stated.


About the Maltese Islands

Malta is a small island nation with plenty of sunshine and natural beauty. Boasting golden sandy beaches, blue skies, and clear waters, Malta is the ideal holiday destination. Malta’s government keeps its island nation at the cutting edge of technology and is recognized as a world leader in crypto, blockchain, and casino regulation.


About Reimagine.ai

Reimagine.ai is a software company committed to revolutionizing the way people interact with machines and each other through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Internet of things technology.

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