Man Enough to Earn PlayStation 4′s Hardest Trophies?

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PlayStation 4′s Hardest Trophies

PS4 brought us a further element to Trophies. Each now displays the percentage of your fellow players who have earned it. With a convenient scale from common to are-you-freaking-kidding, you can see instantly who is as man-tastic as you. Are you one of the 0.1% who have successfully attained the ‘final level of Awesomeness’ in Rayman Legends?

In honor of PlayStation 4‘s seven million sales, IGN have assembled the hardest, rarest and ball-bustingest trophies on the console so far. Most of them are Platinums, naturally (those for Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition and Killzone: Shadow Fall among them), but there are some surprises too. Take a look, and cry a little at your lack of proficiency in TowerFall and SteamWorld Dig and such.


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