MARAUDERS is in Steam Early Access!

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Marauders have entered Steam Early Access! From publisher Team17 and indie developer Small Impact Games is created an amazing raid-based looter shooter. In a universe where the Great War never concluded and humanity took the war to the space, a new type of pirates arose out of the flames. Marauders are rogue looters. They get in, loot, and escape. Just make sure that you manage to get out, or else what you got in gets left behind. Get in with up to 3 friends to make the heist a bit easier instead of going it alone.

With this release and some new additions like grenades and a new raid area, Marauders is available for buy and play on Steam. While in Early Access, the devs have vowed for many additions before the complete release such as new guns, enemies, ships, and raid locations. For this Early Access release, all tech test data progress has been reset and everyone will start together from square one. With an abundance of progressions to be had and loot to be collected, be sure to give it a try in the coming weeks!

Marauders is out now on Steam Early Access. You can watch the launch trailer below:


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