MARS Games is Bringing Back The Lightgun

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Do you remember Duck Hunt on the NES. It was a simple game but it was hard and I got to play with a fun gun peripheral called a lightgun and it was a fun to play with that thing. With CRT TVs dying out and going out of style and more and more people switching over to flatscreen LED, Plasma, LCD, etc. TVs, lightguns don’t work much for many gamers. Now, a new series of games called MARS is being released for the Xbox One and they’re bringing the lightgun back to the modern times. Using a Lightcon which is the name of their gun and an IR station, gamers will be able to play one of three games with up to three of their friends. The games available for MARS are Big Buck Hunter: Arcade, Qubits Quest, and Voyage of the Dead.

  • With Big Buck Hunter: Arcade, there’s no need to wake up at the crack of dawn or climb through the marsh and woods. MARS is bringing the #1 hunting arcade experience right to your living room as you track down wild game in Whitetail, Moose, and Elk adventures.

  • Built just for MARS, Qubit’s Quest is an action platformer for up to 4-players of all ages who are on a mission to protect a loyal and very cute robotic canine, Qubit. Play a co-op adventure campaign or compete with other players in ten fast-paced minigames!

  • In Voyage of the Dead, another MARS exclusive, up to 4-players find themselves aboard a cruise ship overrun by a zombie outbreak. With a quirky art style and campy humor, you’ll laugh as you fight against a horde of undead menaces to protect passengers and escape the chaos.

MARS is being developed by PDP whose SVP of Marketing, John Moore, released a statement:

“The core idea for MARS came from our technology team, who are passionate about creating full living room scale, arcade-style experiences. MARS brings together gamers of all skill levels, launching with the well-known Buck Hunter franchise plus two brand new games with single and co-op gameplay – and more titles are on the way.”

So now the big question, How much is it going to cost to play with a lightgun on my flat screen TV? Well, each game will be available as a MARS Starter Pack bundle which will come with the game of choice, a Lightcon, and an IR Station for the price of $100.

The awesome part is that if you pre-order through Amazon, GameStop, Microsoft, or PDP then you’ll get an additional lightcon for absolutely free. The games will be sold separately for $20 and each additional Lightcon has an MSRP of $30. That means that if you pre-order a bundle and want four Lightcon, you’re going to be dropping about $160. you’re looking at $200 and if you want to buy all 3 games as well. It is a lot of money for 3 games but I am sure you will get a lot of fun out of it with your friends and family.


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