Marvel’s Loki Joins Fortnite Because Why Not

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Loki Joins Fortnite

Loki Laufeyson, enemy and half-brother to Thor, is taking a break from his smash hit Marvel streaming show to make an appearance in Fortnite.

The god of mischief is now in the uber-popular battle royale yesterday courtesy of the Fortnite Crew subscription service. Loki’s outfit comes bundled with many accouterments, which includes his gold-trimmed cape, a scepter for head-bashing and resource-harvesting, a glider based on the Chitauri chariot, and a great piece of loading-screen art showing Loki’s grand arrival to the Fortnite universe.

Loki is the second Marvel character to be made available exclusively through Fortnite Crew after Green Arrow, who was appeared in the game in January. Normally, players unlock characters like Street Fighter’s Ryu and Halo’s Master Chief by way of the somewhat cheaper Battle Pass or can even buy them with the V-Bucks earned through gameplay. The fact that a character as great as Loki is locked behind a subscription service may mean Fortnite developer Epic Games plans to start pushing Crew membership harder to its young players.

Loki was introduced to the Marvel Comics universe all the way back in 1949, the god has since seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. British actor Tom Hiddleston first debuted as the underhanded deity in 2011’s Thor and has since gone on to play him in 5 additional Marvel movies. Hiddleston is for now starring in Loki, the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe show to release on the Disney+ streaming service, which follows the character as he gets into all sorts of time-travel problems.

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